AutoVitals Digital Inspections

There is a powerful new technology revolutionizing the automotive industry: The Digital Shop.

The Digital Shop is a tablet-based system that puts the customer in the proverbial driver’s seat when considering or purchasing automotive diagnostic, repair and/or services.
When we inspect, repair or service a vehicle, we take pictures and/or video and make notations in the comment box. Our customers see what our technicians see and read what our technicians write. Those digital images are highlighted and arrows provided to quickly draw our customer’s attention to the exact point of any concern. Digital images are an effective communication tool to help mitigate miscommunications.

After a Digital Vehicle Inspection is complete, it is emailed or text to our customer’s PC or mobile device giving them opportunity to familiarize themselves with the report.
The report also provides links to brief tutorial video animations that explain and demonstrate each recommendation. The video answers the most commonly ask questions.

Soon after, our customers receive a phone call from our service adviser. With each looking at their own digital copy, our service adviser will review and discuss the inspection report point by point, image by image. An estimate for each recommendation will be provided. Now customers can make informed vehicle-purchasing decisions from the comfort of their home, workplace or wherever.

In my opinion, there is never too much information when making decisions concerning the health and safety of a vehicle. Some customers want to see it all and some want to see little or nothing. With the Digital Platform, you can have it your way.


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